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Why You Should Attend In 2020

Meet Senior Decision Makers & Influencers From:

  • North America's active E&Ps companies

With The Following Job Titles:

CEOs, COOs, SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Engineers of

  • Drilling
  • Drilling & Completions
  • Completions
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Automation

Unparalleled Networking, Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities For Manufacturers, Suppliers And Service Providers Of:

  • Directional & Horizontal Drilling Services
  • MWD Services
  • LWD Services
  • Geosteering Services
  • Drilling Fluids / Mud Systems
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Drill Bits
  • Downhole Tools
  • Drilling Motors
  • Directional Tools & Drill Bits
  • Rotary Steerable Tools
  • Drill Waste Management Services
  • Casing Design Services
  • Well Control Services
  • Field Development Planning Solutions
  • Borehole Cleaning Services
  • Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection Services

Please contact the ABC team at sponsorship@american-business-conferences.com to reserve strategic speaking slots and/or exhibition booths or to request a floor plan.

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Agenda At A Glance

What Was On The Agenda In 2019?


  • Strategic planning for the current & projected price environment


  • DRILL THE MOST HIGH PERFORMING & COST-EFFECTIVE WELL POSSIBLE : Case Studies From Major Shale Plays Including Permian, Rockies & Oklahoma's SCOOP & STACK
  • STEP CHANGES TO ACHIEVE THE 10,000 FOOT-PER-DAY MARK : Learn How To Tactfully Invest Muscle, Money & Technology To Drill Ultra Long Laterals
  • THE OPTIMAL LATERAL LENGTH FOR YOUR DOLLAR : Optimize Efficiency Improvements And Remain Cash Flow Positive
  • REDUCE DOLLARS-PER-FEET & DRILLING DAYS : Practical Strategies & Opportunities To Reduce Drilling Cost & Time To Stay Competitive
  • PERFORMANCE RECORDS OF HIGH-END DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES & MATERIALS : Drive Fast Drilling And Better Outcomes Using Rotary Steerable Systems, Mud Motors & Geosteering Techniques


  • OPTIMAL BHA DESIGN: FOR DIFFERENT FORMATION TYPES & LATERAL LENGTHS : Optimize Drilling Efficiency And Reliability While Maximizing ROP
  • DRILLING AUTOMATION : Automate Rigs, Downhole And Direction Drilling Tools And Programs To Achieve Efficiency Gains
  • ANALYZE & UTILIZE DRILLING DATA : Improve Drilling Efficiency And Equipment Reliability
  • OVERCOME HORIZONTAL DRILLING CHALLENGE S: Effectively Manage Vibrations In The Horizontal & Keep The Hole Clean
  • CASING & CEMENTING DESIGN : Effectively Maintain Circulation And Keep The Cost Down
  • DRILL STRAIGHT & STAY IN THE TARGET ZONE : Maximize Production From Longer Reach Laterals
  • OPTIMIZE NUMBER OF WELLS DRILLED PER PAD : Assess Multi-Well Pad And Pad Drilling Techniques

Live Streaming



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